Top Quality used shipping containers

Providing quality 1 Trip and used Cargo Containers at affordable prices to:

Northern California, Oregon, and Nevada. Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

We ONLY carry cargo worthy quality and 1 trip (new) shipping containers .  All containers are thoroughly inspected for the level of quality we expect.

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Expert delivery service

American Container Sales works very closely with the most experienced container delivery drivers in the industry. We only work with drivers that are properly licensed and insured as a protection to ourselves and more importantly to you as our customer.Learn More

Service with integrity

Our word is our bond.  We have built strong, loyal relationships with our suppliers and our customers because we treat people right.  We pride ourselves in being transparent and fair in all our dealings.  We are truly your local source for new and used quality shipping containers.Click Here to Learn More About Us

We are Your Local Source

American Containers Sales is your local source for quality used shipping containers.  We say local because when you deal with us, you deal with family.  We are a family owned business who deals directly with our suppliers and our customers.

American Container Sales specializes in top quality Cargo Worthy used shipping containers.  Becuase of our strong, loyal relationship with our suppliers we are able to choose the level of quality we are expecting in our equipment.

We inspect all containers personally.  We get inside the containers, to check for beams of light (if light can get in, water can get in).  We check the doors make sure they are straight and not difficult to open, we check the door seals and lastly check for the level of surface rust.  All containers that do not meet our standards of quality is rejected by us before it is put on a truck for delivery.

We believe in dealing fairly and being transparent so you can be confident in knowing that we will deliver what we promised.


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